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English cream goldens in Colorado


Colorado's Premiere Breeder

So why "Vera"? One of our mentors hails from Serbia, and Vera means "faith" in Serbian. Notice the Ukrainian coat of arms in our logo? We honor our dogs' heritage deeply, and much of our early breeding knowledge is derived from these incredible top European breeders and mentors.


We are a small family-owned breeder near Denver, Colorado, dedicated to producing high-quality, good-natured, beautiful family dogs.


Our breeding dogs are all European imports from countries like Ukraine, Spain, and Serbia. All parents are thoroughly health and genetic tested and have excellent conformation. Their parents are all European champions with titles like Champion of Ukraine, European Junior Champion, and Grand Champion of Spain.


We take great pride in raising our puppies outside of kennels in our home, exposing them to various things (kids, other animals, noises, outdoors, etc.). Our dogs are pure white, easy to handle, blocky-headed, gentle, and attentive, and make great pets, emotional support animals, service animals, and show dogs. Some are even selected for future breeding programs.

We're on a mission that goes beyond raising exceptional dogs; we're here to change lives. At Vera Mountain Goldens, our commitment is to breed beautiful and intelligent European Golden Retrievers and create heartwarming connections that transform families' lives.

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